Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Heckler 650b

Working on a review of the new Heckler 650b for NSMB.  Preview can be seen here.

To be honest, this is a sweet little bike.  Especially when you consider the price.  I never imagined that something built with such "budget" parts would give me so much pleasure.

As well, this bike is just so simple.  I'm always puzzled when newbies and people with zero mechanical talent buy extremely complicated bikes.  Ya, that's what bike shops are for.  But after seeing what many of these bikes look like after a few months, I think simple bikes are great for the majority of people.  Full review will be up in a few weeks.  I'll post an update then.

Update - Final review up here.  I think I went way, way too easy on the fork.  As well, went and nailed a bonus shot, hopefully for the Santa Cruz Catalogue...

Update Update - Hey.  They used the shot.  Haven't seen it in the catalog yet, but apparently it is there.

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