Thursday, August 21, 2008


Oh man. I just watched the Olympic BMX. That was so awesome. Why can't mountain bike events be that awesome? I'm serious. How can our events be so similar yet there's kick so much more ass? They have the Red Bull Elevation (well, they did), we have Crankworx slopestyle. They have the Olympics, we have a bunch of 4x's that nobody cares about.

Anyhow, there was some pretty good representation from mountain bikers. Anne-Caroline with the gold for the ladies. Jill Kintner with the bronze. I thought for sure Jared Graves was going to be in there for a medal, but he got taken out in the 2nd to last corner. I was pretty bummed about that. And...I've got a new crush! Sarah Walker from New Zealand is just about the cutest bicycle rider ever. 4th place. So close. Sarah. Gimme a call. We'll do up a Lumberjack BMX.

But honestly, what a crazy track. I was looking at it wondering if I could even clear it on a mountain bike. 36 foot gaps at the end of a row of huge jumps? Sheeit. I was worried they were going to pansy out for the Olympics, but that was full on. Well done, Beijing. Well done.