Sunday, February 10, 2008


Things are finally starting to feel somewhat real. I spent most of yesterday shooting photos with Harookz at the Brewery. I like working with Harookz. He's just about the most excited person you could ever meet, so he can flush all the self doubt from your mind. And we also seem to be pretty good at working together to create an idea. I start with something small. He adds to it. I add to that. He adds to that. Pretty soon, we're left with something that can only be either a complete trainwreck or insanely awesome. I'm pretty sure we hit the latter.

The first part of the day involved sitting in a massive cooler taking pictures of a bike.

From there, we thawed out, rounded up a few people, a couple of beers and a whole lot of lights and set about creating a scene to highlight the shirt. Shit was pretty complicated but it turned out real good like. Now, if I could just get a website up and running to post it on...

Here's a shot of the crew. Thanks for your help everybody.

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